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Chess Master Connections History

Chess Master Connections (CMC) stands as an institution of transformative education, backed by dedicated chess parents Lori DeCesaris and Carolyn Mark.
Dive into Chess Master Connections where chess mastery meets cognitive revolution.
Founded in 2008 by Jorge Sammour Hasbun, a multiple Youth World Championship winner, and his father National Chess Master George Sammour
Discover the Sammour Signature SystemTM: More than chess strategy, it’s a curated cognitive dance by Jorge Sammour-Hasbun. Beyond game mechanics, our handpicked instructors, each resonating with CMC’s ethos, teach strategies transcending the board, aiming for advanced cognition and critical thinking.
Proof of our distinction? Since our debut our students have dominate the  Rhode Island Interscholastic Chess League Competition and the Rhode Island State Scholastic Championships.
CMC’s ambition soars beyond accolades. We don’t merely teach chess; we aim to revolutionize how one thinks. Our curriculum integrates chess profundities with mathematics, spatial logic, strategic planning, history, and character molding. Here, students don’t just play; they evolve, navigating life’s board with unparalleled strategy.
For parents who envision a child mastering not just a game but the world’s complexities, CMC is your portal. Welcome to an educational revolution – where game meets a redefined thought process

Jorge's Chess Highlights

For Jorge’s Coaching Highlights please visit CMC Students page



* Trained by the legendary former World Chess Champion Mikhail Tal

* Honduran National Chess Champion under 10 years old                                    

* World Chess Champion under 10 years old                                                 

* World Chess Federation youngest FIDE Master in chess history 1988

* Honduran National Chess Team Member

* World Chess Peace Festival Champion Under 12 years old

* United States Youngest player in history to defeat a grandmaster 

* United States Youngest Senior Master in History breaking Bobby’s Fischer record 

* United State Junior National Champion Under 21 years old.

* United State Elite National Chess Championship Invitational 1997-2013

* World Open Rapid Champion 

* Winner of Dos Hermanas World Blitz Championship Online 2007-2008

* United States  National Chess League All Team Star

* Brown University Chess Coach 2004-2023

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